Education & Training

Earth Observation (EO) is a key technology to analyse, monitor, model, visualize and communicate changes on the Earth’s surface and thus a suitable way to better understand the Earth system. EO is also a fast-growing sector of the economy with the need for a specialised workforce, capacity development and vocational training.

Hence national and international organizations and institutions from ESA, NASA, DLR, Universities, and out of school learning places developed programs to integrate EO in lifelong learning from primary, higher to informal education.

This session will focus on presentation of international best-practice-examples, education and training activities, research results, as well as ongoing and future developments of concepts, methods, and applications of EO Education and Training for different target groups – from students’ education to training of experts.

List of topics

  • Educational concepts
  • Best-practice examples
  • Capacity development
  • Teaching applications and tools
  • Research outcomes


Prof. Dr Alexander Siegmund – Heidelberg University, Germany & UNESCO Chair on Observation and Education of World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve

Dr Přemysl Štych – Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

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